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Simon Mogul is a 23-year-old Tenor Saxophonist originally from Miami (FL), currently studying at the Manhattan School of Music. Simon's music fuses a respect and understanding of jazz's past (channeling saxophonists such as the great John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins) with modern genres, such as Hip Hop and R&B. Simon is the founder of the band Soul Never Dies, a band featuring a singer and rapper whose mission statement is to channel the various sub categories of Black American Music into one cohesive vibe, that has the potential to move every listener both emotionally and physically. Simon recently completed a tour of South Africa leading his band, playing sets of all original music. The tour was well received his short time in New York City, Simon has already studied and performed with jazz greats such as Matt Wilson, Marcus Strickland, Valery Ponomarev, Mimi Jones, and Vincent Herring. 


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  • 3/11/23: Simon Mogul Trio @ IPC ArtSpace (MIA) 5-6 PM

  • 3/15/23: Simon Mogul Quartet @ The Porch Harlem (NYC) 8-10:30 PM

  • 3/17/23: Simon Mogul Quintet @ Room 623 (NYC) 9-12 AM

  • 3/18/23: Johnny & The Basement @ The Bitter End (NYC) (11-12 AM)

  • 4/1/23: Simon Mogul Trio @ The Porch Harlem (NYC) 1-3 PM

  • 4/6/23: Simon Mogul Senior Recital @ Manhattan School of Music (NYC) 8-9:30 PM

  • 4/12/23: Vincent Herring Ensemble performance @ Manhattan School of Music (NYC) 7-8 PM 

  • 4/14/23: Kabelo Mokhatla Quartet ft. Simon Mogul performing "A Love Supreme" @ Manhattan School of Music (NYC) 5-6 PM 

  • 4/15/23: Simon Mogul trio @ Harlem Flophouse (NYC) 7-9:30 PM ​

  • 4/21/23: Philippe Clement group @ WKCR 89.9 FM (NYC) time TBD

  • 5/4/23: Simon Mogul Quartet @ The Porch (NYC) 8-10:30 PM

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