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Simon Mogul is a 24-year-old Tenor Saxophonist originally from Miami (FL), currently based in New York City. Simon's music fuses a respect and understanding of jazz's past (channeling saxophonists such as the great John Coltrane and Sonny Rollins) with modern genres, such as Hip Hop and R&B.  Simon completed his first international tour in the Summer of 2022, touring South Africa, and playing sets of almost all original music. The tour was well received, and was covered by South African national media. Simon leads an award-winning quintet that was selected as a semifinalist in two of the most renowned jazz competitions in the world for the summer of 2023, the Bucharest International Jazz Competition and the 7 Virtual Jazz Club. In his short time in New York City, Simon has already performed with NYC jazz luminaries such as Matt Wilson, Stacy Dillard, Valery Ponomarev, Pete Rodriguez, and Mimi Jones.  

Simon Mogul Quartet: When Will the Better Days Come live @thedjangonyc9658
Simon Mogul Quartet: Disturbed
Simon Mogul Quartet: In Exile
Simon Mogul Trio ft Matt Wilson-Blue Seven
Simon Mogul/Giahni Bosquet/Vulcain-Black is the Answer


  • 12/27/23 Jason Clotter Quartet @ Black Eyed Sallys (Hartford)
  • 2/1/24 Simon Mogul Quartet @ Dick and Jane's (NYC) 8-11 PM
  • 2/12/24 Simon Mogul Quartet @ The Django (NYC) 7:30-10 PM
  • 2/21/24 Simon Mogul Quartet @ Dick and Jane's (NYC) 8-10 PM
  • 2/23/24 Duo w/Michael Feinberg @ Aftermath Ridgewood (NYC) 7-10 PM
  • 3/8/24 Simon Mogul Trio @ the Historic Hampton House (MIA) 
  • 3/27/24 Simon Mogul Quintet ft Pete Rodriguez @ Dick and Jane's (NYC) 8-10 PM
  • 4/12/24 CCNY Master's Jazz Ensemble @ National Jazz Museum​ (NYC) 2-4 PM
  • 4/13/24 Trilogy @ Penny Jo's (NYC) 9-11 PM
  • 4/17/24 Simon Mogul Quartet @ Dick and Jane's (NYC) 8-10 PM
  • 4/24/24 Simon Mogul Quartet @ Black Eyed Sallys (Hartford) 7-10
  • 5/27/24 Simon Mogul Quintet @ The Django (NYC) 7:30-10 PM
  • 7/27/24 Duo w/Philippe Clement @ Aftermath Ridgewood (NYC) 7-10 PM


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